We are pleased to announce Cardiobase version 8.2 is now available.
The system supports the latest browser updates and access to new features. Including intuitive ways to search and filter, with better non-alphanumeric character handling, making it easier to use than ever.

Data security has been improved to comply with the 2018 Australian Digital Health Agency privacy laws. Cardiobase provides server and database level auditing, which logs a record of any data access and helps keep your patient data safe.

More tools were added to the system to provide smarter access to data, including Business Intelligence reports and configurable dashboards allowing us to help you improve patient outcomes.

Performance has been improved including faster access to the most common data sets and screens to improve usability.

In addition Cardiobase has been updated to support the latest Microsoft server operating systems, SQL server environments and integration tools.

Please feel free to ask any one of our friendly team for some information on this new version.