Commonly asked questions regarding how Clinibase is taking the pain out of clinical trial recruitment.

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Which trial phases can you recruit for?

We have experience in recruiting for trials from phase 1 ‘first in human’, to phase 3 and 4 trials. We have experience in recruiting for healthy volunteers as well as broad therapeutic area experience.

Which therapeutic areas or disease states do you have experience in?

Our portfolio of experience is growing rapidly as new therapeutic areas are added daily. Some of the therapeutic areas we have recruited for include: atopic dermatitis, osteoarthritis, depression, asthma, cardiovascular disease, obesity, HPV and cervical lesions, shingles, psoriatic arthritis, psoriasis, diabetes, thyroid eye disease, gout, migraine, back pain, Alzheimer’s disease, male pattern baldness, postherpetic neuralgia, chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy, cholesterol, lupus, celiac disease, Ménière’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, vaccine, and healthy volunteer studies.

How quickly can you start recruiting for the study once the work has been commissioned?

Once the contract is signed we can start generating leads. Where possible we recommend having a 2 week lead in period prior to the first participant booking date to allow for lead generation. However we understand this isn’t always possible and we can start calling as soon as we have conducted onboarding with the sites.

How do you book participants into the clinic?

We liaise with the clinical research site to confirm the available spaces in their clinic calendar. We can then offer this slot to the patient over the phone so that the site has a commitment, and mitigate the need for the site to chase the participant to book an appointment.

We send the participant a confirmation email and PICF, and we then advise the site that we have made a booking and provide them with all of the patient’s information. We also conduct text and phone call reminders in the days leading up to their appointment.

What kind of pre-screening do you conduct?

We pre-screen over the phone not via online questionnaires. Our phone calls with participants take an average of 20 minutes. We go through the study and its commitment, and then ask a set of pre-screening questions that we develop based on the inclusion/exclusion criteria of the study protocol. This means participants are engaged, aware of study commitments and likely to pass clinic screening.

If we have any questions about a patient’s eligibility we send these to the site/CRO prior to booking them in. The site/CRO can request changes to the pre-screening questions if they want us to be more strict/more relaxed in our pre-screening.

Our pricing is often based on participants getting on study so we are highly motivated to provide participants that will be eligible.

What kind of reporting can you provide?

We provide information on the results of lead generation, numbers of leads that are booked to screen vs pre-screen fail, statistics on the reasons participants didn’t pass phone screening, and the outcomes for the patients that we book (e.g. cancellation, on study, screen failure).

How does ethics approval work for advertising?

We create advertising for the study. We have deep experience in producing marketing and advertising materials that are approvable from an ethics perspective. We will then send these to the CRO/site to submit for ethics approval with the ethics board of their selection.

What advertising channels do you use?

We find most success in identifying and activating participants with Facebook and Instagram (Meta) advertising. Sometimes there are situations where we use other methods such as Google Ads. The majority of our channels are online, which allows for scalable budgets and quick optimisations.

Where are you located?

Our call centre team is based in Collingwood, Melbourne. However we are able to recruit for trials in any location over the world.

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