Our Services

Cardiobase is a solutions based organisation focusing on delivering on what customers want to accomplish rather than selling an off the shelf product.

We are not limited by product constraints, we can use our resources to build best in class solutions. 


Cardiobase is a high functioning CVIS system with the ability for booking, patient management, reporting, data management and much more. 


We are an integration engine that will connect the disconnect in your department. We will work with you to find the solution.

Cloud Technology 

Cardiobase is a web application, making it accessible without need for software installation. Create flexibility in your day and use it on your laptop, ipad or tablet.

Cardiology Modules

Wide range of cardiology modules that can be tailored to your workflows and directly integrated into your system. We have a full fleet of services to support our customers.

Department Intelligence 

No extra work required and no more spreadsheets, We can create custom department dashboards to understand your activity and enable you to make data driven decisions to support patient and department outcomes

Billing Solutions 

Automate your billing to capture what your department is doing. Make is easy for the clinical staff, admin and accounts through automated workflows.