Cardiobase is proud to introduce our foundation partner for Clinibase

Emeritus Research is our foundation partner, having worked closely with the Cardiobase team to refine Clinibase, our dedicated Clinical Trial Management System. Emeritus Research is an outstanding Clinical Trials Centre with sites in Melbourne and Sydney. The Clinibase Clinical Trial Management System has been used by Emeritus Research over the last several years to optimize their daily workflow. Clinibase has helped them to run Clinical Trials more effectively by:

  • Increasing their recruitment efficiency and speed
  • Supporting a culture of performance through visibility and transparency by providing effective reporting
  • Reducing their billing effort by increasing speed to invoice and reducing missed billing
  • Allowing them to better track and manage the daily flow of their Clinical Trials Centre through effective resource management

This is what the Emeritus Research management team have to say about Clinibase:

“We identified that we had an opportunity to improve our business processes through Clinibase by effectively capturing and managing the daily running of our Clinical Trials Centre. Using Clinibase resulted in more than 25% improvement in recruitment and more than 50% reduction in billing effort over a period of 12 months. Having utilised Clinibase for the last few years the efficiency gains have resulted in a great return on investment and a growth in the company of 100%. This has become a fundamental tool of our business and we would recommend Clinibase to anyone conducting clinical trials.”

Scott Needham
CEO, Emeritus Research