Reset how you manage your clinical trial workflow. This is our CTMS.

Learn how we’ve built tailored end-to-end workflow solutions that have supported organisations like yours, and taken the pain out of reporting, billing, and recruiting for clinical trials.

A CTMS made with you, for you.

Decades of experience has taught us that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to clinical trial management systems. Each organisation has their own needs, systems, and processes. So why should your CTMS be any different?

Working with you, we fully customise our CTMS solution to fulfil your organisation's needs, providing ongoing troubleshooting and optimisation - ensuring a future proofed right fit.

We get it, and work with you to understand your situation, your targets, and goals, and aim to take the pressure off of finding, screening, and delivering participants directly into your calendar.

Optimising your experience, and the experience of your participants.

We ensure your CTMS is as effortless as possible to set up and administer your clinical trial. By keeping across participant booking management, communication and activity tracking, your CTMS makes sure you always get your billings right.

Additionally, we drive increased participant retention rates through personalised and automated communication, while fostering a positive participant experience all from your CTMS.

We put dynamic, usable data in your hands.

You can feel confident reporting results for your clinical trial with improved tracking and interactive, real time dashboarding allowing you to monitor critical performance milestones.

This increased visibility leads to fewer missed visits and protocol variations, an optimised recruitment process, and a culture of openness and transparency between sites and sponsors.

What you can expect from Clinibase CTMS.

“We identified that we had an opportunity to improve our business processes through Clinibase by effectively capturing and managing the daily running of our Clinical Trials Centre. Using Clinibase resulted in more than 25% improvement in recruitment and more than 50% reduction in billing effort over a period of 12 months. Having utilised Clinibase for the last few years the efficiency gains have resulted in a great return on investment and a growth in the company of 100%. This has become a fundamental tool of our business and we would recommend Clinibase to anyone conducting clinical trials.”

Scott Needham
Business Development Director
at Emeritus Research

Learn how we’ve helped businesses like yours find operational and commercial efficiencies using our CTMS and recruitment solutions.

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